Mistakes a Portrait Photography Studio Can Make

portrait photography studioA portrait photography studio learns through experience, and that experience can be riddled with mistakes that serve as fully-fledged lessons. This is not a defeat, but rather a way to encourage learning more about how things work in order to avoid making the same mistakes again. This is the same when dealing with a photography business.

A photography business can be a challenging venture, and there are many pitfalls. Here are a few of the most common business mistakes photographers can make, and how to learn more about them:


This is one of the most common mistakes in the industry, especially when it comes to those first breaking into the business. Undercharging can seem like a good way to draw in initial clients, but it can easily backfire. When undercharging, especially in comparison to the local market, this can seem like a lack of confidence and experience in the photographer. It makes it seem like the photographer does not have enough skill to guarantee a high quality product. It will also easily lead to loss of profit. The cost of doing business is what makes or breaks a business, and the return of profit on the annual investment must be ensured. Do your research, keep an eye on the local market, calculate the costs, and price your services accordingly.


Another common mistake a portrait photography studio makes is going into the business without a structure. Planning is of the utmost importance. A photographer should always stick to the budget, and should always adhere to planning that has been created with a lot of time and knowledge. You have to set out your targets for the year and always make sure to keep them at the front of your mind as you organise your clients and your services. Define your goals in a way that is clear and straightforward without seeming out of reach. Have a calendar for the year that you update accordingly, and make sure to use it to stay on track. Set a focus for your business and don’t lose sight of it.

Lack of customer service

The foundation of a photography business is client interaction. This means that a photographer must ensure a completely professional attitude and excellent customer service. Common mistakes are getting trapped in the chaos of it all and forgetting to reply to emails, to do call backs, and to be punctual. Do not forget about what the clients’ priorities are and make sure to establish their needs. Get back to them as often as necessary, make them feel heard, offer them exactly what they need rather than what would make you the most profit. Even in this day and age, the reputation of photography businesses are established first and foremost through word of mouth. You must prioritise the clients above all.

Mistakes are part of having a photography business, but they can be handled and then easily avoided after first encountering them as emulated by portrait photography studio https://www.dundeephotographystudio.co.uk/. Any photographer must be prepared to learn and not falter. This will bring the knowledge of how to perfect the business.

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Difference Between a Headshot Photographer Reading and Portrait Photographer

headshot photographer ReadingEver taken a look at a picture taken by a headshot photographer Reading and a portrait photographer and wondered what exactly the difference was? Well, this is the article you need to gain clarity on that issue. It is not news that most individuals tend to associate a headshot with a portrait and vice versa. Are they the same? No! Do they differ in any significant way? Yes! The work of the two photographers should never be mistaken for one another and this is something that ordinarily should be highlighted in the nature of photographs taken by them. This will be explained below:

  • Reason for approach

One of the major things that separates a headshot photographer from a portrait photographer is the primary reason why people approach them. An individual is more likely to need the services of a headshot photographer for images that will be hoisted on websites or professional pages like LinkedIn. Headshots are viewed as a professional go to image as they are used on business cards and the lines. On the other hand, we have portrait photographers whose works are associated with creative environments such as media, entertainment, film etc.

  • Mood of the image

For headshots, the featured individual is trying to communicate a professional image to anyone viewing that is why most times, the subjects have a certain approachable look about them. On the other hand, because of the use of portraits, they tend to be more realistic to suit the tone of the purpose. For example, a portrait intended for a magazine will have to suit the essence of the topic in the magazine.

  • Light

Another thing you ought to take note of when looking at the work of a headshot photographer Reading is where the shoot takes place. Normally, the shots are taken with the walls of a studio. Huge light modifiers are then made use of to create soft shadows and a pleasant look on the model. Portraits on the other hand will have unusual lighting that are often as a result of experimentation. Also, the photographer makes less use of the traditional lighting methods and tries to take advantage of things like glass and mirrors for a different effect.

  • Background

The background used for a headshot is always clean and neutral as a result of being shot in studio. The background is made so to highlight the face of the model. In portrait photography, the foreground and background are both important to help pass across the information the photographer wants.

  • Crop

The headshot photographer is bound to capture the image making use of long lens with deep focals. This way, only the face of the model is highlighted. For portraits, this is vastly different as the photographer often makes use of lenses with short focal length to get the whole body or more of the body as well as the environment.

So, from the above, it is quite clear to see that the intention of use, crop of the photo and the background and foreground both have a part to play in differentiating the images. The Headshot Studio is one place to understand more about the differences between a headshot photographer Reading and a portrait photographer.

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Reasons Why You Should Get Professional Wedding Photography Yorkshire

wedding photography YorkshireThis is the digital age! Technology and the internet have taken over. The average individual owns a smartphone with internet connectivity and a camera. As such, it is not rare to find most individuals claiming to be active enthusiasts of photography. The fact that a camera phone or a camera can be easily accessed by anyone does not mean the tag of photographer can be given to them. So is the case of wedding photography Yorkshire.


If you happen to have your wedding coming up anytime soon, you will probably be weighing the pros of hiring your family member or friend to hiring a professional photographer. Really, there is nothing to be compared. The following are reasons why an expert is your best option.


  • Skill set

In life, certain people undergo training or take up courses to be qualified to partake in certain professions. The same applies to anyone who intends on taking a career in photography. The ability to wield a camera is not restricted to a unique set of people but only a few people are actually able to skillfully use it.

Anyone that purposely pursued a career in photography has already taken up the intention to pursue it seriously. What this means is that they are willing to hone their skills to the best of their abilities. Their techniques then become different from what the average individual is aware of when it comes to photography.

This is why when you place photographs taken by an amateur and an expert together, it is quite clear to tell the difference. The difference is often in skill set and the techniques used.

  • Knowledge

Apart from enrolling in courses, another thing of note about professional wedding photography Yorkshire providers is the fact that they have great exposure. They are privy to certain information that the average individual does not have access to. This might come as a result of years of experience or from dedicating hours to refine their craft.

An example of knowledge which the average individual might not be aware of is the fact hat wedding photographer has different styles. There is natural wedding photography, reportage wedding photography, documentary wedding photography etc. To be able to use all these styles, a photographer needs to be very experienced and open to knowledge.

  • Tools

Photography is not an easy operation that anyone can wander into. You need to be ready to invest in a lot of things from equipment to actually take the images to software to help you refine the images taken. Professional photography equipment costs money and it goes beyond wielding a camera. Flashes, lenses, batteries, storage, light boxes etc are things a photographer must have.

In terms of editing software, there are a lot of them out there from Snapseed, Adobe, VSCO etc. It is one thing to have this software but it is another thing to know how to use them. You also need to invest in learning about these equipment after purchasing or installing them.

For more information on wedding photography Yorkshire, visit http://www.bohochicweddings.co.uk/

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Why You Need Newborn Photography Calgary

newborn photography CalgaryWhen you pick up a baby, the first thing that comes to mind is fragile. You do not want to make any unnecessary movements that might cause harm to them and as such you take extra care when handling them. Every single action is aimed at ensuring they are secure.

But, like every human, babies are bound to outgrow this stage. One year after they are born, they are already walking and making sounds. In two years time, they are talking and already aware of their surroundings. In 10 years, they already have friends and are attending school. In 20 years, they are off to college and making deliberate steps at gaining independence. In 30 years time, they might already have their own family and you are left with the memories.

However, human memory is a really fickle thing, we tend to remember some moments and we also overlook some. So many things happen in the life of a human that some things are pushed to the back of our minds. Such is the case for the life of a newborn. Apart from the fact that as parents, you might not remember every single aspect of their growth they themselves lack awareness of who they are. That is why when children grow up, they start asking their parents questions on what they were like as a baby.

Now, mom and dad do you want to make your child think that you can’t remember them in their growth stage. Of course not! This is where the service of a newborn photography Calgary expert comes in. Some of the benefits you get from hiring an expert include:

  • Beautifully documented images

Parents are also bound to take pictures of their newborns but since they are not professionals, these pictures might just be done in the spur of the moment. That is, there is no deliberate movement on the part of the parent to make sure the pictures come out looking artfully done. You can have pictures that you take by yourself but you can also engage the services of an expert to get beautiful portraits that you can hang up.

One thing most parents can also do is take their child to a photography studio so that every milestone in their life is documented. You can start with the Documentary process after the birth of the child.

  • Lasting memories

With newborn photography Calgary, you also get lasting memories. In life, if you don’t grasp moments, it is very easy for them to be forgotten. When deliberate attempts are made to not forget these moments, they are forever emblazoned in our minds.


An avenue of ensuring that memories are never forgotten is through photographs. Photographs are items that stand the test of time. If you want to remember something, just bring out the photo album and flip through it till you arrive at what you want to see.

So, if your child was to one day ask you for what they looked like as a newborn, you have a photo album to refer to.

To create newborn photography Calgary, reach out to http://dulcebabyphotography.com/

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So, You’ve Been Invited to the Rehearsal as Adelaide Wedding Photographers

Adelaide wedding photographersMany Adelaide wedding photographers, even experienced ones, have differed explanations and reasons regarding their actions when invited to a wedding rehearsal. This can confuse a beginner or someone who has just got more experiences in wedding photography.

Should you come or not? Is it really worth the time spent and would it hurt to not come?

Beginners must come

If you are still a beginner in wedding photography, without a doubt, you must go to the rehearsal. Make time to come and ensure that you spend a good enough time with your clients and at the venue. You don’t have many experiences, so this is another way to compensate for that.

When you attend a rehearsal, you get to see people who will be involved in the wedding practice. This is your chance to get a gist of how the wedding is going to be. You can also practice with it, and perhaps, direct them to face the right direction when you want to take the pictures. You can also ask the couple to practice some shot for you. Then, you will be able to plan what pictures to take later.

This is a good chance to practice for those who are not used to working as a wedding photographer. Missing out would definitely reduce the likelihood of capturing great pictures.

What about experienced people?

Then, there are those who have worked on hundreds upon hundreds of wedding photography. When you ask these people, some of them will tell you that they have been doing good without having to spend hours at a rehearsal, practicing things they are already good at. Yet, others will say that attending is something they have to do, at least to show respect.

If there is a way to make your client happier, attending the rehearsal is one. Like some people would say, accepting their invitation is a way to respect them. Other than that, you can still practice or take some rehearsal pictures that you can include in the album later! There is always something you can get from the gather of close friends and family members in a relaxed atmosphere.

We’ve met many Adelaide wedding photographers and one of them owns Panache Photography. An experienced wedding photographer must always seek ways to get to know their clients more. The closer one is with his client, the easier it will be to capture the moment the way clients like.

It’s not mandatory

However, it is not something that you must do and if you don’t, you will fail in your wedding photography. You only attend when it is possible to. You can always explain to the client during consultations on what you can do if you are allowed to attend their wedding rehearsal and they will get out of it.

On a side note, you can also get to know more people out of the rather relaxed atmosphere. You never know if you will meet a potential client out of it! A wedding rehearsal usually takes up a few hours in the evening, but it’s really worth the time for Adelaide wedding photographers, if you ask us!

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Now, You Won’t Hate Managing Your Site Anymore!

SEO for photographers For photographers, managing a site is the last thing they thought they have to do. Learning about SEO for photographers, maintaining it, updating the content; all these stuff take way too much time! Your actual job could be forgotten as you focus on these things, and that is to take pictures.

But let us tell of a way to make managing a whole lot easier and why you should try them!

Making use of plugins

Plugins are like bundled codes that you can add to your sites. Once you install them, your site will be able to use its feature and you don’t have to learn about coding at all. They help optimize your site or add features to it depending on the type. Some of the most famous plugins help optimize keywords of a site and reveal how you are doing.

Various plugins can make life a whole lot easier, but the opposite can happen if you are not careful. Plugins that are not regularly updated will tend to mess with your site. It could appear wrong, doesn’t work at all, or even cause the whole page to crash. It’s important that you check on the developers’ activity and ensure that it is always updated when WordPress receives a new update.

Getting a proper audit

Audit helps you see how your site is doing and where you are doing wrong. It will show how many visitors are coming, what keywords brought them there and many other details. A complete analysis will show the health of your site, telling you where you can do better. One of the best places to get this is www.photoproseo.com. And you also get to learn even more about SEO for photographers!

You don’t know what you should do next if you don’t get a proper audit. There could be many things you are missing and with this, you will know where it is. If you go further, you can also get advice on what to do with those things!

A third-party software like that will not just give you audit, but also help with your site. It’s always wiser to give the job to the experts if you want the best results. You cannot try to manage everything about your business, or you will end up spending more time taking care of the site than your clients. You can also focus more on creating content to keep the site active.

Content making

A site can never thrive with just proper maintenance and optimize looking pages. It needs to have proper content to be shared with others. You need to be regular in uploading content that will attract visitors to your site. At the same time, the search engine also prefers sites that are active and have new content every now and then.

It doesn’t have to be daily, but at least regular enough that people can expect new content every few weeks or months. And if you’ve had lessons in SEO for photographers, you won’t find it hard to upload a content that will easily rank high!

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Getting Started as a Headshot Photographer

headshot photographerThinking of venturing into the world of a headshot photographer? Then this article might be just what you need to set you on the right course. Here, we are going to focus on 3 important things you have to do to make headway in this highly competitive profession. Read below:

#1 Develop Your Headshot Skills

What is the first thing every photographer needs to have – Talent? Wrong! The answer is skill! What is the point in being talented if you cannot refine it into a valuable skill? To make it in the profession, you need to show or have something specific that separates you from the crowd ad in this case, it has to be your headshot skills.

You can read a thousand books about headshot photography but if you do not practice what you read, then the knowledge gained becomes useless. So, for every chapter in a book you read about headshot photography, make sure you are practicing what you learn. If possible, trying shooting every day to refine these skills and see the techniques that work out better for you.

You can get a roommate, friend or partner to sit for these shoots. The results you get from the images shot will let you know if you still need more practice. Remember, practice makes perfect.

#2 Build a Strong Portfolio

From Tip #1, we said you should get your friends and family members to sit for a shoot with you. Now, the reason why we suggested this in the first place is so you can start building an actual catalogue or should we say portfolio as a professional. If you are going to bid for jobs in the near future, you are going to need to showcase your work to potential clients so they can get an idea of what it is you can do.

Also, the vastness of your portfolio lets a client know that headshot photography is something you take seriously. But, note that you have to be careful about using the same individual for all the images in your portfolio. Doing that can set alarm bells ringing in a client’s head and you do not want to lose a potential client.

Remember to always focus on your own style and not imitate that of others when building your portfolio. Doing that will not set you apart from the crowd. For more insight as to how the portfolio of a headshot photographer should look, check out www.theheadshotstudio.co.uk

#3 Focus on your own style

One thing most photographers fail to do is to try discovering their own style. They fail to experiment and instead choose to imitate the styles of others. This is wrong and will have adverse effects on building a strong clientele. In photography, what you shoot is what you will show so if you are imitating other people’s works, what are the chances that you get to book clients?

Your portfolio and the type of style displayed determines the type of jobs you will get bookings for. As a headshot photographer, it is important that you do not put images that you do not like or enjoy shooting in your portfolio.

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Get No Less Than a Professional Newborn Photographer!

newborn photographyMany of us aren’t that experienced in getting professional newborn photography service. Some of you probably had to start your search from the Internet and slowly narrow down your choices. Others might be lucky enough to get recommendations from friends who did one. But in the end, we have to personally meet the newborn photographer and make the decision ourselves.

The issue becomes more serious when you think about how your newborn baby is going to be involved. You want someone who’s not a scam and serious in his job. You also want to see the photographer cares about the set’s comfort and safety for the baby. That way you know that your baby won’t be harmed during the process.

Safety is all that matters

Remember that no matter the kind of photography that you want, the safety of your baby is something you want to prioritize. You wouldn’t want to invest in someone who tends to be clumsy and puts your baby in dangerous places even though he may be unintentional about it. It doesn’t even matter how good the pictures he took; they are meaningless if your baby’s at risk.

That is why you need to absolutely get a professional newborn photographer. They can only be called professional if they have done a lot of photography with babies before and are known to have zero incidents with them. Someone who hasn’t made mistakes are more likely to not make one with you.

And because we know you will be looking for someone like that, we’d like to recommend newborn photography service by suekennedy.co.uk. We assure that you’ll get your pictures without having to worry about the safety or if the set complies to hygienic standard.

Lifestyle vs. formal

If you want to be extra safe, lifestyle is the better choice for you. It allows the photography session to be done at home and you will also feel more comfortable here. A newborn session can last a few hours, so if it’s done somewhere you don’t mind staying long in, you won’t feel as stressed. This is an important topic because mothers who just have their own children can feel very tired or even stressed from it.

For you to do lifestyle, though, your photographer will have to come to your house and see if it’s possible to do it. Sometimes, houses can have too little natural light shining in, making it hard to take pictures of the baby without using artificial lighting. If that’s the case, you may not be able to do the session at your own house.

Formal sessions at the studio typically do not have a lot of artificial lighting involved if the sun is shining. That’s because the room is designed to allow natural light in, so the baby doesn’t have to be exposed to flash, which can damage their eyes and surprise them.

Your professional newborn photographer can tell you more, but it’s best that you also know something yourself. If you can find a professional newborn photography service provider, the photographer won’t hesitate to explain everything you need to know.

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How They Got Those Aesthetically Satisfying Wedding Pictures

wedding photographers Orange CountyThere are several rules that a couple can follow in order to also become the owner of their best wedding pictures. Some of them can be pretty hard to follow when there are temptations all around you, but it’s mostly doable if you just put the right motivation in front of you. These are the things that will bring you to the right wedding photographers Orange County that uphold visual aesthetic as well as the value of the pictures.

Decide on your preference

First is you need to confirm your preference. When you look at pictures and believe that they are stunning, what kind of style is exerted in that? Was it a black and white picture with lots of people simply naturally mingling and showing real, happy expressions? Or was it a picture that was visually delicious with all the natural light shining on the blooming flowers around the bride?

Each photographer has their own way of shooting and it is governed by their style. It may or may not suit your preference or wanted results, which is why you need to know the kind of pictures that you love. Portfolios can help you understand, although it’s best that you can talk about it with your photographer and consider their opinions as well.

Refer to only professionals

Whenever you’re planning to meet with a photographer, always remember to not let price sway you even when you know the quality isn’t there. Your wedding pictures aren’t going to be temporary; they are important memories of that special day that will never happen again.

It’s best if you meet one of the best wedding photographers Orange County from gilmorestudios.com. Finding someone that you know will only offer you quality service and is only genuinely interested to help your wedding will help you a lot.

Help them with their job

Another thing that you need to do is to help your photographer. But, no, you’re not required to order them around and tell them what to do! What they need is your help to clear the way out because guests are always trying to compete to get the better pictures. You can reserve a certain spot that no other guests should stand on or beyond so that your photographer can shoot from the best spot.

During the group picture session, assigning an usher to help with gathering the guests for the picture will also save a lot of time. Your photographer can focus on taking pictures, rather having to tell each guest to stand properly for a few seconds.

Putting your trust in them

During your wedding day and their work time, do not bother yourself by stressing out whether or not they got the pictures right. Trust in their skills as you’ve gone through careful and thorough selection before hiring them. They are the professionals that you’ve paid and it’s best that you support them and allow them to work with no hindrance.

It can also mean that you shouldn’t be following several misguidance like creating a list of specific things your wedding photographers Orange County need to shoot. It’ll distract them as they have to keep track of the list and by then, they could be missing a lot of precious moments to snap.

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Wedding Albums are Better: Why?

wedding photographer KentBefore we delve deeper, you need to know that wedding albums and books are different. But, don’t worry about that, we’ll also be discussing the difference and how albums are proven to be better. Any wedding photographer Kent would also suggest the same thing.

They are stronger

The pictures are not bound by glue and will not dry out no matter how long you keep it. With the weight, you’d think that the pages might fall out soon, but it’s very durable due to the fact it’s always custom-made based on clients’ request. The materials where the pictures are printed on also prevent colors to fade and pages to bend easily.

On photobooks, the papers used are thin and easy to fold by accident. Even if you keep it well for a long time, there’s a risk of dampness to eat it away. That’s why photobooks rarely last during your lifetime.

They last longer

Wedding albums are made of high-quality materials, such as real leather. Leatherette is also available if you wish to. The binding technique is also different from books which typically use gluing or stitching. Pages are attached next to each other and the size is handcrafted depending on how many pages you want for it to fit.

Albums allow only one side of the page to have pictures printed on. This makes the paper extra durable compared to books where the prints are on both sides. While it’ll weigh more, it’ll definitely last longer this way and most of the time is what you will pass on to your future generations for a long time.

www.pennyyoungphotography.com thinks that as a wedding photographer Kent, this is an important quality to think of. If you want to be bothered with arranging and printing out your wedding pictures, might as well let it be something that lasts really long.

What you want

What do you wish for your wedding album/book? If you simply want to be able to look at the pictures, you can use your gadgets to do so. But what makes albums better than books is that you will still be able to do this even after decades. 30 years from now and you probably can still craft your own photobook to be printed again.

But again, the love, eagerness, and enthusiasm you have today aren’t the same with them. Assuming the digital files are still kept somewhere safe. You also want to print out something that really lasts long.

Wedding albums do cost much higher than books. When the simplest photobooks can cost only $50, a typical album is at least $300. Some can even easily go beyond $1,000 depending on materials, a number of pages, and the designer’s service.

Sure, it seems like a rip-off like this, but an album is always handcrafted according to the need of clients. It’s made of utmost precision to make it lasts as long as possible. The materials aren’t cheap either, with leather or full-photo cover commonly used.

You can always consult with your wedding photographer Kent about this. If budget is a really big thing for you, you might want to opt for a smaller wedding album or photobooks. The most important thing is not to avoid it if you could afford it because you’ll regret it later on.

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Portrait Photography: All You Need to Know

portrait photographyPortrait photography is often taken similar with headshots. But compared to it, portrait allows you to express yourself more as more part of your bodies are also in the picture. And there is a photography that also falls under the portrait photography category.

If you’re looking for photographers in Chicago that do portrait photography, you’re in the right place to find out what it’s all about.

Family portrait

The family portrait is also categorized under portrait photography. It’s almost the same thing, except that you’ll be shooting with more people in the frame. The great thing about family portrait is also that you’ll be taking pictures with precious people in your life. The photographer will also have to work on your relationship and figure out the pose that will make everybody looks good.

The family portrait is important because everybody won’t be here forever. They will have to return to their daily lives and back to their family. Even if you miss each other and have video calls to compensate there, nothing beats meeting them in real life to play and joke together.


This one focuses on one individual, that is you, who have pictures taken. This type of portrait photography can enhance once confident and lets you realize the unique you in the color that you like. You can have the pictures taken indoor or outdoor.

The best photographer to have this would be one that is professional on the job. Among so many photographers in Chicago, we’d recommend www.clarebrittphoto.com. She does a wide type of portrait of photography. This allows her to see people in the best side they have and how to position them, so the picture looks complementing.


Headshots are also close to portrait, but it focuses only the top part of the client. Headshots are usually used for formal forms and typically have to show the best of oneself. It’s important that you can find someone who can help you relax and show the right expression for your headshot.

Headshot pictures have to be taken regularly. From time to time, it’s wise to update the picture to your newest appearance, unless you haven’t changed at all for the last 5 years. It’s a window for others to judge what kind of a person you are. People do judge others based on appearance on a regular basis even if they don’t realize it.

Why it has to be a professional

Portrait photography makes someone shoots a lot of human beings. That person would have to understand that no one is the same and there can be different methods that have to be employed to get that person show his best sides. It’s not easy.

That’s why you need a professional. It’s not just about taking pictures of friends. They have to shoot them while covering the flaws and use the right lighting and reflector to show their best sides. It also has to be done according to the purpose of the person looking for a portrait photography session in the first place. This is the reason why you have to look for a professional among the photographers in Chicago.

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Q&A for Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Lancashire wedding photographerWe’ve prepared a list of questions and OK answers that you definitely need to include on your list when you interview those photographers. Skills matter and how any Lancashire wedding photographer answer your question will help you figure out whether they will do well on your wedding. Professionalism will help them answer with confidence.


Ask about their experience working as a wedding photographer and a photographer in general. It’s important that they have enough experience as a wedding photographer because this particular line of job is pretty complicated and different compared to others. There are many things that one need to do in wedding photography and you want to know that your photographer is more than capable enough to at least know the basics.

Length of experience also tells you the chance of them doing varied themes of weddings. It also tells that they’ve most probably faced and dealt with various problems of wedding parties. That just means that you shouldn’t worry too much if problems arise as your photographer will most probably be able to handle them.


You don’t want uninsured photographers shooting for your wedding. It’s pretty obvious why. Asking if your photographer is considerate enough to get an insurance will show if he cares about the well-being of himself and the people around him. Liability insurance can protect the cost needed to pay for any damages done on the venue when it’s related to him or his equipment.

If you want to start looking for an insured Lancashire wedding photographer, check out this guy www.jadedohertyphotography.co.uk.

You also want to know that there are several wedding venues that require any wedding vendor working there to carry public liability insurance with them. Ask your photographer to show you the proof of insurance early on.


On budget? There are several things you can ask your photographer to see if they are flexible enough. After checking on the various packages they over, ask if it’s possible to customize your own or remove several features to get a price cut. You might also want to point out that you are pretty tight, but you love his works.

Style of photography

There’s no need to focus on the technical terms because what you want to know here is that if the photographer approaches with a style that is unobtrusive. Most of the time, they’ll call this as reportage or documentary style.

This is important because you don’t want a photographer that is constantly following you and making you pose. You don’t want them to intrude the conversation you are having with your guests. The unobtrusive way of capturing things is the best method that will allow pictures to look very natural and lively.

It also lets the pictures to look beautiful without having to go through much editing. And lastly, it won’t disturb the guests!


How many pictures are going to be edited? Some photographers will only edit the selected number of pictures. Others will edit all of them and obviously, at a higher cost. It definitely matters because editing will change the look of the pictures.

Editing will delete blemish, unwanted crowds, and ugly fat arms from the photographs. Some of you will love to see the edited version only while others might want the original files instead.

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Everything About Baby Photography

baby photographer BournemouthPreparing for your baby photography is a great thing to do. Especially because baby is in his cutest moments! By now, you must be preparing to have some baby pictures taken and you may want to know the different types of photography that baby photographer Bournemouth offers.

We are here to help you understand everything about baby photography and things that parents should expect from the session!

If you’re looking for newborn photography instead…

Then this might not be the right place to look. Newborn photography is different in the style and the type of pictures you’ll expect. There’s even a difference in how long the session will be and who is involved in the photography session.

Lifestyle photography

The lifestyle of baby photography is typically done at home. Your baby photographer Bournemouth will come to your house and take pictures of your baby with the different rooms in your house as the backdrop.

It’ll be pretty comfortable for you as you don’t have to go anywhere and simply prepare your home for the session. Make sure you keep everything clean and neat.

If there are any toys or outfit you want to include, discuss with your photographer about it. Your photographer will also bring several props to your house to be used.

Before the session, your photographer might come and visit your home. He will want to take a look around the house and make sure that the rooms have enough natural lighting in them. As much as possible, he will want to refrain from using flash as it may also be damaging when aimed directly to baby’s eyes.

The theme of the pictures tend to be relaxed and homey. If you want a livelier and colorful theme, you might like the next one.

Themed pictures at the studio

At the studio, you and your photographer have more choices to choose from. Your photographer has the props ready and usually offer packages of a certain theme for their clients.

One of the most popular theme is birthday cake smash. We’ll take this one as an example to discuss about the things that can happen in a baby photography session.

Your baby will dressed in your favorite outfit. You can either bring your own or use the one that your photographer will provide. The cake will be provided by you. Because the cake will be smashed and eaten by your baby, it’s best that you find a cake that is safe for him to eat and touched. Make it as fancy as possible.

Now, it’s show time. Your baby will be seated and a cake will be placed in front of her. One important thing to note here: you cannot expect your baby to suddenly go crazy and play with the cake. Babies react differently to the cake, so you need to keep your hopes in check.

Don’t force your baby to smash the cake, either! Try to direct his attention to the cake by asking questions, but let him do whatever he wants with it. This is the cutest moment of birthday cake smash!

Because baby will be getting dirty, you’ll have to prepare extra baby needs. There’ll also be a bath session to shoot.

That’s just one for you to imagine. Depending on your baby photographer Bournemouth, he might have more of other packages to offer.

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Aspiring Wedding Photographers Should Know This!

Cheshire wedding photographerThere are many things professional photographers had wished they knew before entering this line of photography. Compared to others, wedding photography poses a lot of challenges, from energy, creativity, to anger management (seriously).

If you are an aspiring wedding photographer Skye, don’t hesitate to bookmark this page and come back here every once in a while!

Prepare, Confirm, and Commit


Clients are occupied with a lot of things. Surely, you know that you are not the only wedding vendor they have to deal with. They need to give out invitations, survey locations and went through extensive research to get to you. But, this also means that everything has to be finalized before D-day. Such as the right time that you’ve promised on the wedding day to arrive, always crosscheck and confirm with your clients.


Explain the urgency of it. Let them know why you do things in a certain way and why do they have to happen at a certain time. Clients aren’t all photogenic or educated in photography, so be sure to explain them in a simple way! For example, to explain why you need to shoot during golden hours, this is a tip:

Golden hour is something that every other bride loved to have on their wedding album. The sunset falls perfectly on your skin and will create golden like moments!

Make it appealing, not some mandatory activities!


If you said that you will arrive at 6 am, then arrive at 6 am. Arriving earlier is also a great thing as both of you will get more time to discuss how you should proceed. Respect the appointment time.

Know what you have

Understand your camera

Of course, not all photographers understand 100% how the camera works; let’s leave that to the manufacturers. But, photographers need to know the limits and at least technical possibilities of their gears. For example, is using a certain mode will prohibit you from increasing shutter speed or the aperture?

Memory cards

Not only do you need big enough memory to make sure that you can capture everything and not miss a thing, you need to know the best memory cards that work for you. This includes how fast the writing speed is and if it is compatible. Write speed refers to the delay between full-press of the shutter to the picture showing on your screen.

Practice makes perfect

Perfection is not achieved by sheer luck and impromptu acts. Practice at home with friends or family members who are willing to pose for you. This is a way to get the picture at the right angle and the right exposure. It will also save the time of having to take multiple pictures and adjusting your position repeatedly.

With the clients

And it will even be better if you get to go to their rehearsal dinner and test shoot several pictures. These can also be included on their wedding album if you want!

Scout the location

And it will get even better for a Cheshire wedding photographer if you can practice together with your clients at the site and make sure that you get to take the best pictures during D-day and save some time from having to explore the whole location.

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