Tips for Every Event Photographer

Maximize people’s time

event photography tipsA great event photographer will always make sure that he is able to put in the necessary steps in order for him to maximize people’s time. Observe the three click rule. You need to make sure that you are able to remind yourself time and time again that people did not go there to see you or to be with you as an event photographer. They are there for one reason and for one reason alone and that is to attend the event and they are no there to be your next best friend. You are there to get a job done. Stick to it. This means that they do not want to waste any amount of time posing for pictures all that much. You need to be able to work smart and work fast as well the entire time that you are there and providing coverage as the official event photographer. Take three shots of a certain scene and then move on to the next one. Anything more than that and the situation can get a bit awkward or the people that you would like to take photos of might easily get bored and get tired of the situation right then and there. However, if you stick to the three click rule, you will be able to flit from one scene to the other without bothering people too much. The job of an event photographer runs the risk of being annoying at times and this is something that you should try to avoid to the best of your capabilities if you can help it.

Get interactive as the official event photographer.

Get on social media. Create an Instagram hashtag for the event. When you are easy to find and follow online as an event photographer, you get to expand your clientele base in more ways than you could ever possibly comprehend. So many other professionals and companies have been cashing in seriously big bucks out of their highly developed social media profiles. There is absolutely no reason why you should not go ahead and do the same as an event photographer. When you get to gain followers and expand the reach of your brand, you get to reach out or get your content out to other potential clients that some people who hit you up might more or less be in the same circles with. Invest your time in really growing your online presence because this is something that can turn out to be very good for business in the long run. It will only be a matter of time before you get things checked out.

Learn the basics of a good and working post shoot work flow.

Your clients will be asking for instant results. Events are extremely fast paced. They will most likely want to get instantaneous results as well from the event photographer that they hired. You need to make sure that you are an event photographer who gets to keep up with the rigors and with the requirements that they are asking from you. Figure out a way to edit your photos efficiently and swiftly so that there are do delays somewhere in between. Invest in great editing software programs as well.

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Basic Social Media Info for Wedding Photographers

Get your social media profiles fixed

wedding photographyProfessional wedding photographers out there should always focus on getting their social media profiles fixed up one way or the other because of the fact that social media is one of the easiest platforms that can be used to marketing businesses and professions. It provides an easy and instantaneous access to information that people will be able to use to reach out to other people with convenience and ease. What seemed to be so hard and costly to do in the past is now something that is fairly easy to go ahead and accomplish because of the advent of social media and what it can do to bridge the gaps brought on by distance, space, or time. Social media is a really important channel that can be really used in marketing and it is something that you will be able to use to help give your career in wedding photography the kind of boost that it needs so that you will more or less gain access to potential clients that you would not have had access to before in any other way or means. Keep this in mind before you have the tendency to easily brush off social media as something unnecessary and as something that people just go to and dawdle with for fun because there is so much that you can get out of it if you only know how to navigate it and work it up to your advantage. So many other wedding photographers have found success in it and you will most likely do so as well for as long as you are determined enough for it.

Social media is for free.

This means that you can access to a fairly sophisticated marketing platform without the added cost. Most of the social media sites out there such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. are all for free. You will be able to get in and put in an account or so without the added cost and it can really help you out a lot in terms of marketing because you will be able to put the word out there about who you are and about what you do as a wedding photographer without busting a hole in your pockets. You will be able to post images and videos that may catch the eye and may perk up the interests of people who might turn out to be your potential clients in the long run. You will also be able to start conversations and interactions with people who you think might be interested to know about what wedding photographers do in general. It is a great forum to really get the message out there and you should not miss out on a chance to go ahead and use it to its maximum potential as much as possible.

Take note of the fact that engagement is important in social media.

Make it a point to really log in every single day to reply to any messages or any comments that may pop up. You rate of response will really get to reflect a lot about who you are as a wedding photographer hampshire and about how you work or operate so make sure that this is something that you will be able to really do promptly as much as possible. If you don’t have enough interaction in your own page, join in on other groups or profiles and try to spark some kind of interaction from there. Comment on discussions related to your industry  and remain as active as you possibly can all throughout the process.

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Why a Wedding Photographer Should Outsource

Time is Gold

wedding photography tipsOne thing that is probably really common to wedding photographers everywhere is the fact that there is just so much that needs to be done during a wedding photography coverage. There isn’t nearly enough time to get everything covered and get done the right way and in the best ways possible if you are all alone as a wedding photographer. If you have ever heard the saying that “time is gold”, then this is the right kind of context that you will be able to more or less wrap your head around when it all comes down to it. Although going solo as a wedding photographer may not seem like such a bad idea at first, it will only work out for you if your wedding bookings are slow and far in between. However, if you would like to go ahead and start taking more wedding photography bookings and agreements, then you will need to up the ante when it comes to the way that you do things as well as a wedding photographer.

Go in team of three or more

If you have been observing the really well established professional wedding photographers out there, you will notice the fact that they don’t actually go solo or work alone. Most of these wedding photographers actually go in teams of three or more when they have a wedding photography shoot that they need to cover. Doing everything yourself will mean that you will end up doing everything and you will end up spreading yourself a little too thin. That is something that you should try to avoid from doing as much as possible. Getting some extra hands to help you out in covering all of the tasks that you will need to cover as a wedding photographer is crucial to the success of your service and something that your clients will really get to see and appreciate.

Offer out an internship

If this is something that you are feeling a bit intimidated with, then that is fairly understandable. After all, at the end of the day, it can cost a lot of money. If you are a new wedding photographer, money isn’t necessarily something that is at your disposal and you will have to be a little more creative when it comes to your approach as a professional wedding photographer. You can opt to offer out an internship or hiring an independent contractor if you are running a little low on funds. This is actually a mutually beneficial relationship. The intern gets to have access to real world experience as a wedding photographer essex while you get the extra help that you need in the wedding photography shoots that you book.

As for the aspect of hiring an independent contractor, you basically get to lower the costs when it comes to things like employment taxes, payroll fees, and the like. You have the option to dictate what kind of agreement you would like to hold out. Would you want to go for a project based agreement or would you like to go for something that is hourly instead? Whatever it is, you get to choose and that’s where the beauty lies.

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Go Under the Radar as a Wedding Photographer

Get out of the way as much as you can.

wedding photographyWhen you are out and about shooting the weddings that you have booked as a wedding photographer, it’s important for you to remind yourself again and again that you should always try to get out of the way as much as you possibly can. This is the most effective way of getting all of the shots in with as little drama and as little hassle as possible. As a matter of fact, the more invisible you get to be as a wedding photographer surrey, the better it is. It’s already hard enough to disguise yourself given the fact that you have a bulky camera and a long lens along with you all of the time. You should go out of your way to minimize the rest of the other indicators that you are there to scrutinize people (just kidding) from behind the lens of your camera.

Dress yourself up like the rest of the crowd.

If there is a theme, try to go with the theme. If there is a particular color scheme or motif, try to go with that as well. Regardless if it is something casual or black tie, you should always try to go out of your way to go ahead and get dressed in about the same way that the rest of the guests who will be attending the wedding will be dressed like. This way, you can weave in with the rest of the crowd without sticking out or standing out too much all throughout the process. Call your clients ahead of time so that you get to learn from them first hand what the dress code really is. Whenever you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask. Go straight right to the source and confirm whatever you need to confirm.

Carry light.

Another trick that will really get to help you out a lot as a wedding photographer is for you to carry light while you are moving around and while you are shooting the wedding. It’s quite alright for you to bring all of the things that you need for the shoot but you don’t have to carry them on your back all of the time. While you are shooting your photos, try to carry around only the things that you absolutely need during that particular moment. As for the rest of your equipment, you can always set it down in a corner somewhere. Preserve your energy and your stamina. Weddings usually take up hours, sometimes half of the day. You need to make sure that you will be able to last through it long enough because you can’t afford to miss out on the important and iconic parts of the wedding. Your clients will never forgive you for that and that is why you should always take it easy on yourself. More than that, clunky equipment being carried around all too much will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd and it will have you end up attracting unnecessary attention.

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