Away From the Conventional to a True Professional

wedding photographer DundeeSurely, you might have come across so many blogs, articles, readings or even books talking about what it takes to make a great wedding photographer. It can be challenging, of course, because there’s no base price you should go with. The time you spend, the skills and the value you are offering will differ from others. And one of the hardest things for a photographer to decide is whether or not to accept that extra client.

Come; let’s discuss a few things before that. A little enlightenment for you beforehand to become a better wedding photographer Dundee in overall.

Create a timeless piece, not a fad

Fad fades away quickly, one day you see and look at it over and over again and the next you store in on the shelf wondering if you will ever open it back. While it does not mean that pictures should be taken the old way, wedding pictures should never lose the essence of importance, sentiment and memories. There’s so much to these pictures that your clients are willing to pay you for a day to follow them around and to snap the moments.

Recognize the need to take pictures that are truly valuable to the couple. Tell those who came up to you and excited about these fads that you are very concerned about taking what is timeless and precious because that wedding album is something that must survive the test of time.


Simple, but hard to do. Some photographers make their clients pose in the middle of the occasion, making it look awkward and unnatural, whereas the best picture out there is taken without interrupting, awkward posing or cueing, such as done by Angus Forbes Photography, a  wedding photographer Dundee who holds up to his principle of 99% natural.


Yet, it does not eliminate your chance from doing posed pictures because we know how couples want to have beautiful, aesthetic pictures that they can print out for the living room and for computer wallpaper. Probably for their homes in social media too! This can be done best before the start of the party and for different views if they want after the party and you will not believe how even posed pictures can turn out so natural if it is done properly and naturally; no forced expression or position, just him and her.


Because this is their wedding and a lot of emotions will be involved and it’s a day that also marks many changes their lives, you want to show concern and interests in them. You are interested in what is the theme they use, what are the colors they like, where and what time will they hold their weddings and even the little stuffs that they may find important to note. Pay attention to all of these and prepare as well as rehearse together with your clients if possible, so that you know what to expect the next day. If you are able to show such details, your clients can see your passion without having to blabber a 20 minute long speech about your passion.

These are the most important key points that any wedding photographer Dundee has to note for a lifetime. Hopefully with this, you are able to deliver the best service and create albums that last for time indefinite.

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