Getting Started as a Headshot Photographer

headshot photographerThinking of venturing into the world of a headshot photographer? Then this article might be just what you need to set you on the right course. Here, we are going to focus on 3 important things you have to do to make headway in this highly competitive profession. Read below:

#1 Develop Your Headshot Skills

What is the first thing every photographer needs to have – Talent? Wrong! The answer is skill! What is the point in being talented if you cannot refine it into a valuable skill? To make it in the profession, you need to show or have something specific that separates you from the crowd ad in this case, it has to be your headshot skills.

You can read a thousand books about headshot photography but if you do not practice what you read, then the knowledge gained becomes useless. So, for every chapter in a book you read about headshot photography, make sure you are practicing what you learn. If possible, trying shooting every day to refine these skills and see the techniques that work out better for you.

You can get a roommate, friend or partner to sit for these shoots. The results you get from the images shot will let you know if you still need more practice. Remember, practice makes perfect.

#2 Build a Strong Portfolio

From Tip #1, we said you should get your friends and family members to sit for a shoot with you. Now, the reason why we suggested this in the first place is so you can start building an actual catalogue or should we say portfolio as a professional. If you are going to bid for jobs in the near future, you are going to need to showcase your work to potential clients so they can get an idea of what it is you can do.

Also, the vastness of your portfolio lets a client know that headshot photography is something you take seriously. But, note that you have to be careful about using the same individual for all the images in your portfolio. Doing that can set alarm bells ringing in a client’s head and you do not want to lose a potential client.

Remember to always focus on your own style and not imitate that of others when building your portfolio. Doing that will not set you apart from the crowd. For more insight as to how the portfolio of a headshot photographer should look, check out

#3 Focus on your own style

One thing most photographers fail to do is to try discovering their own style. They fail to experiment and instead choose to imitate the styles of others. This is wrong and will have adverse effects on building a strong clientele. In photography, what you shoot is what you will show so if you are imitating other people’s works, what are the chances that you get to book clients?

Your portfolio and the type of style displayed determines the type of jobs you will get bookings for. As a headshot photographer, it is important that you do not put images that you do not like or enjoy shooting in your portfolio.

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