How To Be A Great Documentary Wedding Photographer

Get to know the bride and groom that you are working for.

wedding photographyIn order for you to become a really effective documentary wedding photographer, you need to know what they have envisioned for they shoot and how they feel about certain things in order for you to be able to capture them in the right light. There are a lot of effects or themes that you can go for in wedding photography, you need to make sure that you are able to go for the right one that fits well with your clients and that is something that they will get to approve of at the end of the day. Talk to your clients to really get a feel for their personality. What kind of couple are they? Are they traditional and a bit composed and formal or are they fun loving and more spontaneous? Are they fond of color and props as well as other embellishments or would they rather keep things clean and simple and sort of minimalistic? These are crucial questions to ask so that you will be able to really get it right as a documentary wedding photographer. Find out what things they like or fancy and what things they don’t. Know about what certain things they might be willing to try out and which ones are just hands down out of the question. This is something that is really worth investing your time in at the end of the day.

Move around.

If you want to really get a documentary wedding photo shoot feel in the images that you are taking, you need to make the photos look like they are string together to form some kind of a story and that there is something that people should look out for next. It is a process of coming together with some sort of sequence that will work for you and for what you are trying to pull off. Change up your angles a bit. Let things and events flow freely as you follow close enough on its heels. You need to be fast and to move fast because things happen fast during a wedding and if you end up missing out on the chance to documenting them, you can’t press rewind. They moment has been lost forever. Always be alert and always look out for ways for you to get ahead of everyone else when it all comes down to it. Think of it as if you are there as a spectator but you have the added responsibility of making sure that people who are not there will be able to piece the story together through the photos that you are taking. You are basically sort of like a journalist in the wedding photo shoot. You need to find the gist of it all and make sure that they moments are expressed in the photos.

Anticipate the moments before they happen.

You don’t have to learn how to tell the future. Sometimes, it is all a matter of learning how to tell if a moment is about to happen based on the social cues and verbal and non verbal indicators that people give off.

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