Why Headshot Photos Is Worth More than What You Paid

Does the title strike you as weird? The main reason that many people rethink about getting a headshot photography dChicago headshot photographerone is price. Some think it does not worth that much to have a single bust-up picture of yours to cost so high, but yet, the truth is more than that.

Let’s learn from Coca-cola, the coke brand that everybody knows. A cup soda can mean something when someone tells you that it is Coca-cola. The worth of it is all the advertisements, catchphrase and feelings that the company invests millions of dollars in developing. There’s isn’t much in a bottle of coke, whether it is sugar free or not, the content is almost the same. But, when incorporated with the marketing strategies they employ, slogans and advertisement lines they repeat, from a single word, Coca-cola, there’s so much you can talk about and it is almost impossible to forget the brand name, logo and associated color.

Similar things can be said about headshot photos of yours.

Your face is your brand. When people first see you, there’s not a single doubt that they will judge your appearance. In case of online meetings or profile preview, your headshot will be something that depicts the character you have.


If you let professional Chicago headshot photographer to take your headshot pictures, such as WD Productions, you can let them know the purpose of your headshot pictures. Particularly, the personality that needs to be emphasized in your pictures that you want everybody who see your pictures think of. Do you want to be seen as a young, enthusiastic, ambitious young graduate student? Or a professional, seasoned manager of a bank? Or for applying a role in a theatrical act?

If your photographer has a wide and many experiences with a range of people, he would be able to identify immediately the way to emphasize the positive side that you need from the right pose, expression to make up and outfit you should wear.

Natural Smile

For many people who are not used to taking pictures, posing in front of a camera with someone he/she is not familiar with can be hard. Especially when you know that you need to give your best smile, but at the same time, you had to force that smile while we all know that natural always looks so much better.

Experienced Chicago headshot photographer understands that even the most awkward person can be their potential client and to make them relax, enjoy and if possibly, laugh during the session is important and a must. Just like any other business where you are directly involved with your clients, the skill to communicate and create an enjoyable conversation is undoubtedly necessary. Do you enjoy conversing with your photographer during consultations?

Realistic, yet, Better

Editing your photos is another important part of the session. The reason why some of us even hate to put up our profile pictures is because of the imperfections that we think made us look ugly. But when you take headshot photographer, there’s no need to worry about any of those flaws. Skillful editors are able to diminish your imperfections, yet, stick to the original you and maintain the very essential essence that represents you. Your pictures will look like you on your best day, on a good hair day, with fresh eyes and a perfect smile.

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