Mistakes a Portrait Photography Studio Can Make

portrait photography studioA portrait photography studio learns through experience, and that experience can be riddled with mistakes that serve as fully-fledged lessons. This is not a defeat, but rather a way to encourage learning more about how things work in order to avoid making the same mistakes again. This is the same when dealing with a photography business.

A photography business can be a challenging venture, and there are many pitfalls. Here are a few of the most common business mistakes photographers can make, and how to learn more about them:


This is one of the most common mistakes in the industry, especially when it comes to those first breaking into the business. Undercharging can seem like a good way to draw in initial clients, but it can easily backfire. When undercharging, especially in comparison to the local market, this can seem like a lack of confidence and experience in the photographer. It makes it seem like the photographer does not have enough skill to guarantee a high quality product. It will also easily lead to loss of profit. The cost of doing business is what makes or breaks a business, and the return of profit on the annual investment must be ensured. Do your research, keep an eye on the local market, calculate the costs, and price your services accordingly.


Another common mistake a portrait photography studio makes is going into the business without a structure. Planning is of the utmost importance. A photographer should always stick to the budget, and should always adhere to planning that has been created with a lot of time and knowledge. You have to set out your targets for the year and always make sure to keep them at the front of your mind as you organise your clients and your services. Define your goals in a way that is clear and straightforward without seeming out of reach. Have a calendar for the year that you update accordingly, and make sure to use it to stay on track. Set a focus for your business and don’t lose sight of it.

Lack of customer service

The foundation of a photography business is client interaction. This means that a photographer must ensure a completely professional attitude and excellent customer service. Common mistakes are getting trapped in the chaos of it all and forgetting to reply to emails, to do call backs, and to be punctual. Do not forget about what the clients’ priorities are and make sure to establish their needs. Get back to them as often as necessary, make them feel heard, offer them exactly what they need rather than what would make you the most profit. Even in this day and age, the reputation of photography businesses are established first and foremost through word of mouth. You must prioritise the clients above all.

Mistakes are part of having a photography business, but they can be handled and then easily avoided after first encountering them as emulated by portrait photography studio https://www.dundeephotographystudio.co.uk/. Any photographer must be prepared to learn and not falter. This will bring the knowledge of how to perfect the business.

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