Q&A for Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Lancashire wedding photographerWe’ve prepared a list of questions and OK answers that you definitely need to include on your list when you interview those photographers. Skills matter and how any Lancashire wedding photographer answer your question will help you figure out whether they will do well on your wedding. Professionalism will help them answer with confidence.


Ask about their experience working as a wedding photographer and a photographer in general. It’s important that they have enough experience as a wedding photographer because this particular line of job is pretty complicated and different compared to others. There are many things that one need to do in wedding photography and you want to know that your photographer is more than capable enough to at least know the basics.

Length of experience also tells you the chance of them doing varied themes of weddings. It also tells that they’ve most probably faced and dealt with various problems of wedding parties. That just means that you shouldn’t worry too much if problems arise as your photographer will most probably be able to handle them.


You don’t want uninsured photographers shooting for your wedding. It’s pretty obvious why. Asking if your photographer is considerate enough to get an insurance will show if he cares about the well-being of himself and the people around him. Liability insurance can protect the cost needed to pay for any damages done on the venue when it’s related to him or his equipment.

If you want to start looking for an insured Lancashire wedding photographer, check out this guy www.jadedohertyphotography.co.uk.

You also want to know that there are several wedding venues that require any wedding vendor working there to carry public liability insurance with them. Ask your photographer to show you the proof of insurance early on.


On budget? There are several things you can ask your photographer to see if they are flexible enough. After checking on the various packages they over, ask if it’s possible to customize your own or remove several features to get a price cut. You might also want to point out that you are pretty tight, but you love his works.

Style of photography

There’s no need to focus on the technical terms because what you want to know here is that if the photographer approaches with a style that is unobtrusive. Most of the time, they’ll call this as reportage or documentary style.

This is important because you don’t want a photographer that is constantly following you and making you pose. You don’t want them to intrude the conversation you are having with your guests. The unobtrusive way of capturing things is the best method that will allow pictures to look very natural and lively.

It also lets the pictures to look beautiful without having to go through much editing. And lastly, it won’t disturb the guests!


How many pictures are going to be edited? Some photographers will only edit the selected number of pictures. Others will edit all of them and obviously, at a higher cost. It definitely matters because editing will change the look of the pictures.

Editing will delete blemish, unwanted crowds, and ugly fat arms from the photographs. Some of you will love to see the edited version only while others might want the original files instead.

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