Seattle Wedding Photography Helpful Tips

Be smart with your choice of footwear for the day.

wedding photographyThe wedding photography in Seattle shoot that you are about to cover is bound to last for roughly around 10 hours or more. Make sure that you are fully equipped for it no matter what happens. Whenever you come across certain moments wherein you are stumped when you are choosing between a really good looking but uncomfortable pair of shoes and a mid-range paid of comfortable ones, imagine yourself being in those shoes for extended periods of time. Imagine how your feet will feel like in the long run. You need to be in your best condition and in your best possible disposition all of the time. If not, you might turn out to be in a bad mood because your feet are killing you the entire time that you are there. You will not be able to smile even if you wanted to. No one likes a grumpy looking photographer and that is the last thing that you would want to be during the wedding event. Make sure that you get to choose your footwear the right way and make sure that you consider this decision and regard this highly as much as possible.

Have an honest heart to heart discussion and alone time with the clients before all the wedding craze ensues.

You need this to make sure that everything pans out well enough for you and for the Seattle wedding photography shoot that you are trying to get together when it all comes down to it. You always need to get the by in of your clients in everything that you do. Whatever your plans might turn out to be, you need to make sure that they are on board with whatever that might turn out to be. You have certain artistic liberties as their wedding photographer but there is actually a certain limit to that. You will not be able to just waltz in and do anything and everything you want without consequence or without getting the permission of anyone. It is still their wedding that you are giving live to or bringing into reality and you need to make sure that you make them a part of the entire planning process before you actually follow through on any of your plans.

Use longer lenses

Longer lenses are powerful and they provide you with the necessary means to become comprehensive but not obtrusive in what you do in Seattle wedding photography. This is a kind of balance that you will need to strike and perfect when it all comes down to it. You need to be very thorough and to really be “there” in the moment all of the time but at the same time, you also need to be “invisible” enough not to end up annoying people somewhere in the process. It can be a bit challenging trying to strike up this kind of dynamics but for as long as you get to keep working on it, you are bound to get better at it in the long run.

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