Simple Tricks That Can Work For A Wedding Photographer

Visit the venue before the event

wedding photographerYou need to get this set up and well prepared for as a wedding photographer. This is something that all wedding photographers should get to do one way or the other. You should check out the place around a few days before the actual wedding day so that you can get a feel for things when it all comes down to it. Try to visit the venue at around the same time of the day as with when the wedding will be held. This is something that will more or less be able to get you a better hold over things such as light elements and shadows and the like. You will also be able to position yourself at strategic spots and this is because you already know the place well and you don’t have to come in lost and out of sorts once you come in during your wedding photo shoot. This is something that you can even turn into a marketing opportunity. You should seriously package this as an engagement shoot. This way, you will be able to take some time to practice with the couple and to make them feel more comfortable with regards to getting their photos taken by you.

Do the couple shoot before the actual wedding day.

Weddings can be quite hectic for you as a wedding photographer. You’re not going to be able to make the couple shoot fit in with actual wedding day shoot. Plan ahead of time for it and schedule it on a completely different day. A lot of the other wedding photographers out there who have become really skilled at what they do tend to become really confident and really get at what they do up to the point wherein they are comfortable enough to make the couple shoot and the wedding shoot fit in all at the same day. This is something that you shouldn’t try as a beginner though so try to veer away from it as much as possible. Map out the schedule ahead of time with the bride. As a matter of time, plan everything out with the bride because most brides really are pretty hands on with their own weddings and she will get to appreciate the fact that you are really giving this the right kind of time and attention.

Ask the bride for a proxy to make decisions for her during the wedding photo shoot.

The bride will not always be there for you and for any inquiries that you might need to make during the wedding photo shoot and this is technically where the proxy comes right in. get to know the proxy ahead of time and discuss all of the mechanics of the job that you need to do so that you are in pretty much in the loop with the things that you are trying to pull off one way or the other.

Bring some sticky tape along with you.

Sticky tape will always save the day. Hemming issues are quite common during weddings and this is something that you will need to prepare for.

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