So, You’ve Been Invited to the Rehearsal as Adelaide Wedding Photographers

Adelaide wedding photographersMany Adelaide wedding photographers, even experienced ones, have differed explanations and reasons regarding their actions when invited to a wedding rehearsal. This can confuse a beginner or someone who has just got more experiences in wedding photography.

Should you come or not? Is it really worth the time spent and would it hurt to not come?

Beginners must come

If you are still a beginner in wedding photography, without a doubt, you must go to the rehearsal. Make time to come and ensure that you spend a good enough time with your clients and at the venue. You don’t have many experiences, so this is another way to compensate for that.

When you attend a rehearsal, you get to see people who will be involved in the wedding practice. This is your chance to get a gist of how the wedding is going to be. You can also practice with it, and perhaps, direct them to face the right direction when you want to take the pictures. You can also ask the couple to practice some shot for you. Then, you will be able to plan what pictures to take later.

This is a good chance to practice for those who are not used to working as a wedding photographer. Missing out would definitely reduce the likelihood of capturing great pictures.

What about experienced people?

Then, there are those who have worked on hundreds upon hundreds of wedding photography. When you ask these people, some of them will tell you that they have been doing good without having to spend hours at a rehearsal, practicing things they are already good at. Yet, others will say that attending is something they have to do, at least to show respect.

If there is a way to make your client happier, attending the rehearsal is one. Like some people would say, accepting their invitation is a way to respect them. Other than that, you can still practice or take some rehearsal pictures that you can include in the album later! There is always something you can get from the gather of close friends and family members in a relaxed atmosphere.

We’ve met many Adelaide wedding photographers and one of them owns Panache Photography. An experienced wedding photographer must always seek ways to get to know their clients more. The closer one is with his client, the easier it will be to capture the moment the way clients like.

It’s not mandatory

However, it is not something that you must do and if you don’t, you will fail in your wedding photography. You only attend when it is possible to. You can always explain to the client during consultations on what you can do if you are allowed to attend their wedding rehearsal and they will get out of it.

On a side note, you can also get to know more people out of the rather relaxed atmosphere. You never know if you will meet a potential client out of it! A wedding rehearsal usually takes up a few hours in the evening, but it’s really worth the time for Adelaide wedding photographers, if you ask us!

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