Difference Between a Headshot Photographer Reading and Portrait Photographer

headshot photographer ReadingEver taken a look at a picture taken by a headshot photographer Reading and a portrait photographer and wondered what exactly the difference was? Well, this is the article you need to gain clarity on that issue. It is not news that most individuals tend to associate a headshot with a portrait and vice versa. Are they the same? No! Do they differ in any significant way? Yes! The work of the two photographers should never be mistaken for one another and this is something that ordinarily should be highlighted in the nature of photographs taken by them. This will be explained below:

  • Reason for approach

One of the major things that separates a headshot photographer from a portrait photographer is the primary reason why people approach them. An individual is more likely to need the services of a headshot photographer for images that will be hoisted on websites or professional pages like LinkedIn. Headshots are viewed as a professional go to image as they are used on business cards and the lines. On the other hand, we have portrait photographers whose works are associated with creative environments such as media, entertainment, film etc.

  • Mood of the image

For headshots, the featured individual is trying to communicate a professional image to anyone viewing that is why most times, the subjects have a certain approachable look about them. On the other hand, because of the use of portraits, they tend to be more realistic to suit the tone of the purpose. For example, a portrait intended for a magazine will have to suit the essence of the topic in the magazine.

  • Light

Another thing you ought to take note of when looking at the work of a headshot photographer Reading is where the shoot takes place. Normally, the shots are taken with the walls of a studio. Huge light modifiers are then made use of to create soft shadows and a pleasant look on the model. Portraits on the other hand will have unusual lighting that are often as a result of experimentation. Also, the photographer makes less use of the traditional lighting methods and tries to take advantage of things like glass and mirrors for a different effect.

  • Background

The background used for a headshot is always clean and neutral as a result of being shot in studio. The background is made so to highlight the face of the model. In portrait photography, the foreground and background are both important to help pass across the information the photographer wants.

  • Crop

The headshot photographer is bound to capture the image making use of long lens with deep focals. This way, only the face of the model is highlighted. For portraits, this is vastly different as the photographer often makes use of lenses with short focal length to get the whole body or more of the body as well as the environment.

So, from the above, it is quite clear to see that the intention of use, crop of the photo and the background and foreground both have a part to play in differentiating the images. The Headshot Studio is one place to understand more about the differences between a headshot photographer Reading and a portrait photographer.

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