Why You Need Newborn Photography Calgary

newborn photography CalgaryWhen you pick up a baby, the first thing that comes to mind is fragile. You do not want to make any unnecessary movements that might cause harm to them and as such you take extra care when handling them. Every single action is aimed at ensuring they are secure.

But, like every human, babies are bound to outgrow this stage. One year after they are born, they are already walking and making sounds. In two years time, they are talking and already aware of their surroundings. In 10 years, they already have friends and are attending school. In 20 years, they are off to college and making deliberate steps at gaining independence. In 30 years time, they might already have their own family and you are left with the memories.

However, human memory is a really fickle thing, we tend to remember some moments and we also overlook some. So many things happen in the life of a human that some things are pushed to the back of our minds. Such is the case for the life of a newborn. Apart from the fact that as parents, you might not remember every single aspect of their growth they themselves lack awareness of who they are. That is why when children grow up, they start asking their parents questions on what they were like as a baby.

Now, mom and dad do you want to make your child think that you can’t remember them in their growth stage. Of course not! This is where the service of a newborn photography Calgary expert comes in. Some of the benefits you get from hiring an expert include:

  • Beautifully documented images

Parents are also bound to take pictures of their newborns but since they are not professionals, these pictures might just be done in the spur of the moment. That is, there is no deliberate movement on the part of the parent to make sure the pictures come out looking artfully done. You can have pictures that you take by yourself but you can also engage the services of an expert to get beautiful portraits that you can hang up.

One thing most parents can also do is take their child to a photography studio so that every milestone in their life is documented. You can start with the Documentary process after the birth of the child.

  • Lasting memories

With newborn photography Calgary, you also get lasting memories. In life, if you don’t grasp moments, it is very easy for them to be forgotten. When deliberate attempts are made to not forget these moments, they are forever emblazoned in our minds.


An avenue of ensuring that memories are never forgotten is through photographs. Photographs are items that stand the test of time. If you want to remember something, just bring out the photo album and flip through it till you arrive at what you want to see.

So, if your child was to one day ask you for what they looked like as a newborn, you have a photo album to refer to.

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Things To Prepare For Your Newborn Photo Shoot


newborn photography calgaryA change of clothes, both for you and for the newborn baby. If there is anything to be learned from the other newborn photography Calgary shoots in the past, or from parenthood, it would have to be that babies can be quite messy. Babies don’t have proper control of their faculties just yet. They can pee or poop or even barf or throw up at any point in time and this is the kind of situation that you need to go ahead and prepare for in all of the best ways. If you would like the newborn photography Calgary shoot to go on without a hitch, then you need to be prepared enough to clean up any messes that might occur somewhere along the way. You need to make sure that you get to do something about this one way or the other. You might also want to think about the aspect of bringing in an extra shirt for the newborn photographer as well. Given the fact that he will be right in the thick of the action, he is bound to be right in the way of the mess and you need to make sure that you come prepared for it all of the time.

Wipes and towels.

Wet wipes along with towels and perhaps some swaddling material to wrap the newborn baby with during the newborn photography Calgary shoot. Speaking of being prepared, you need to be alert and ready to clean up any messes somewhere along the way. You need to make sure that at the end of the day, you have all of these things planned out for you ahead of time or better yet, you need to plan ahead for it at some point or so. Get this figured out early on and you will soon see that your photo shoot will go through far smoother than you have initially planned. Always think on your toes even when you are just standing on the side as a parent. You are the photographer’s best helper and his best chance of seeing his plans go through in all of the right ways.

Baby formula or breast milk

The baby is bound to get hungry somewhere along the way and you need to make sure that you have some milk prepared ahead of time. Babies can get quite irritable when they go hungry and you can’t afford to have this as a reason for your photo shoot to not go through successfully. When the baby is well fed though, he is bound to be in the best of moods all of the time or at least all throughout the time that the photo shoot is in play. If you would like your newborn photography Calgary shoot to go through successfully, then make sure that this is prepared accordingly while you are at it.

Some toys or colourful and eye catching trinkets

This will ensure that the baby has something to smile about or keep him interested when your photographer is working things out for you.

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