Wedding Albums are Better: Why?

wedding photographer KentBefore we delve deeper, you need to know that wedding albums and books are different. But, don’t worry about that, we’ll also be discussing the difference and how albums are proven to be better. Any wedding photographer Kent would also suggest the same thing.

They are stronger

The pictures are not bound by glue and will not dry out no matter how long you keep it. With the weight, you’d think that the pages might fall out soon, but it’s very durable due to the fact it’s always custom-made based on clients’ request. The materials where the pictures are printed on also prevent colors to fade and pages to bend easily.

On photobooks, the papers used are thin and easy to fold by accident. Even if you keep it well for a long time, there’s a risk of dampness to eat it away. That’s why photobooks rarely last during your lifetime.

They last longer

Wedding albums are made of high-quality materials, such as real leather. Leatherette is also available if you wish to. The binding technique is also different from books which typically use gluing or stitching. Pages are attached next to each other and the size is handcrafted depending on how many pages you want for it to fit.

Albums allow only one side of the page to have pictures printed on. This makes the paper extra durable compared to books where the prints are on both sides. While it’ll weigh more, it’ll definitely last longer this way and most of the time is what you will pass on to your future generations for a long time. thinks that as a wedding photographer Kent, this is an important quality to think of. If you want to be bothered with arranging and printing out your wedding pictures, might as well let it be something that lasts really long.

What you want

What do you wish for your wedding album/book? If you simply want to be able to look at the pictures, you can use your gadgets to do so. But what makes albums better than books is that you will still be able to do this even after decades. 30 years from now and you probably can still craft your own photobook to be printed again.

But again, the love, eagerness, and enthusiasm you have today aren’t the same with them. Assuming the digital files are still kept somewhere safe. You also want to print out something that really lasts long.

Wedding albums do cost much higher than books. When the simplest photobooks can cost only $50, a typical album is at least $300. Some can even easily go beyond $1,000 depending on materials, a number of pages, and the designer’s service.

Sure, it seems like a rip-off like this, but an album is always handcrafted according to the need of clients. It’s made of utmost precision to make it lasts as long as possible. The materials aren’t cheap either, with leather or full-photo cover commonly used.

You can always consult with your wedding photographer Kent about this. If budget is a really big thing for you, you might want to opt for a smaller wedding album or photobooks. The most important thing is not to avoid it if you could afford it because you’ll regret it later on.

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