Why A Wedding Photographer Should Shoot In RAW

RAW records all of the data from the sensor of the camera

shoot rawThis is something that every wedding photographer tends to really appreciate a lot. There is no purer format out there than the RAW image format. It offers all of the original info that comes along with the images at the moment that the images were captured. What this means for you as the wedding photographer is that you get to have access to unparalleled quality for the photos that you produce. When you are doing things professionally, you have to really up the ante and make sure that people are able to get what their money is worth. Wedding photography is not a cheap service after all. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most expensive niches in photography and with good reason. The job of a wedding photographer is one of the most labor intensive jobs out there but more than what the service entails, you owe it to your clients to always make sure that the photos that they get are always of the clearest possible quality at the end of the day and that is what the RAW file format can bring to the table.

A wedding photographer gets access to the highest levels of brightness when he shoots his images in RAW.

When you get the highest levels of brightness for your photos, it means that you get the widest color tone range when you get to the post shoot editing process. Higher levels of brightness is the number of steps if would take to bring an image from black to white or white to black. Just so that you have a pretty good point of comparison, a RAW image can have anything from 4,000+ all the way up to 16,000+ levels of brightness depending on the kind of camera being used. On the other hand, a JPEG image can only offer just up to 256 levels of brightness. That is a kind of difference is astounding and it really is quite noticeable in the pictures that are being taken once you compare them side by side.

Any over exposed or under exposed images can be easily fixed or touched up because the wedding photographer get so have all of the information on the file. Every Yorkshire wedding photographer out there will tell you that he is always looking out for ways for him to get the best possible exposure for his images. This is something that can be really quite challenging to pull off though because when it all comes down to it, in order for you to get the best exposure for your photos, you need to have things or people to be stock still or at least move slowly and that is not how things happen during a wedding. People and events tend to move by fast during a wedding and that is why you will always tend to end up with a handful of over exposed and under exposed images but shooting in RAW will at least make your editing process easier because it will be easy to fix something that still has all of the info along with it.

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